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As a WordPress blogger, you will need a plugin to help you in the process of sending emails to your subscribers.

Now, when coming to the discussion about the mailing systems, there are a lot of solutions.

But, on that part, I can advise you to use a plugin created for WordPress and this AcyMailing . You can download it from here: AcyMailing WordPress Plugin.

Why I am doing this sugestion? Several reasons I can tell you and these are the following:

  • is a free solution and can be used right away – also there are paid solutions with extended functions
  • you can import an unlimited number of subscribers and send then as many emails you want
  • you can create as many lists you want for every topic you want to send newsletters
  • drag & drop editor for fast editing the email – but also you can select a template for your email
  • the limit of your daily email numbers is dictated by the SMTP server you use. For example, I am using the SMTP server of my hosting provider ( ). They are providing me a total of 1500 emails for 24 hours and this means 30 days x 1500 per day = 45.000 emails a month. And all this for free (I am not counting here the price of the hosting account, because in order to have a WordPress blog you need to host it somewhere, don’t you?)
  • in AcyMailing I have the possibility to set the number of the emails sent in an hour, sent it on batches. In my case, I set free AcyMailing to send 30 emails every 15 minutes, and I am preparing the lists with a maximum of 1400 emails per day ( I am taking into account the returned emails because I don’t want to overpass the number of 1500 emails per day.

The paid versions of the AcyMailing offers many other functionalities related with automation of the emailing process.

I think you need to test this plugin if you are a WordPress user. It will satisfy your needs.


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