Adsense from Google

Want to make money with Google Adsense? Is one of the best method of making money online, but the money you make depends a lot by the traffic you can drive to your website.

Yes, you need to build a website, with original content and the work for doing this is huge. If you try to drive fake traffic, Google will know and will close your account and will take all the money you have already in your Google adsense wallet.

You can be paid in different ways, buy for example, if you chose MoneyGram you must have at least 70 Euro .

The method is tested, you can make money, you will be paid by Google (by far is one of the most trusted companies), but will take a long time if the website don’t have enough traffic.

If you can drive a lot of traffic to your website, you can convert around 0.7% to 1.1 % of the visitors in money. In fact, around 1 % will of your website visitors click on the advertising banners and in this way Google will pay you an amount of money they take from their customers. This is Pay per Click.

Start your business today.

Now, to give you the proof of making money.

I started to test Google Adsense when Google offered this tool, now some time ago. At that time Google even offered vouchers for advertising on Google Adwords. I had a lot of emails at their Gmail service, and on every each of these emails I received hundreds of dollars for using in Adwords.

I tried to drive traffic to some of my websites, using legit methods and also non legit methods. On the accounts were I used “good traffic” I still have the account even today.

When I tried to “cheat” Google , they discovered the problem and shut down the account and take the money.

I cashed around 85 Euros until now, and I have , from old days , 21 Euro and the sum is growing , but with a very slow rate.

So, you see, this method is very secure, but you need to wait a lot until you cash the money.

My advice is to use Google Adsense for your websites were you put original and quality text, place the AdSense code and wait.

Also , please tell us here if you had or have success and what methods you used. All the advice and suggestions are welcome.