Earning Money With Google AdSense And A Blog


Whenever someone asks me what’s the fastest way to make money online without eBay, Amazon, or a site called Fiverr… I tell them it’s to start their own blog for free, and put Google AdSense on it. You can easily get a blog for free from a site called Blogger.com. Blogger makes it easy for you to get your own blog within 5 minutes, and you can put Google AdSense onto your site (assuming that your AdSense application has been approved).

With a Blogger blog, putting AdSense onto your blog is very easy. You don’t need to know any HTML code, scripting, programming, website design, or any of that other technical stuff. Blogger really does automate a lot of this for you. But there’s another blogging platform that you should consider, and it’s something that a lot of people have success with simply and easily.

This other blogging platform that I am talking about is something called WordPress. WordPress in my opinion is hard to customize and make posts on. Everything about WordPress is difficult for me, and I used to be a computer/IT technician! So if you were to ask me what’s the best blogging platform for beginners, I would say Blogger.com.

With WordPress, you have to have “themes” to customize your site, you have to change the permissions of your website’s folders, and have to do a lot of integration of AdSense and affiliate products that just makes the entire process seem complicated. Now some people have great results with WordPress, and they continue to use it till this very day. And believe it or not, once their finished with their WordPress blog, it actually comes out looking really good.

So should you go with Blogger or WordPress to make money with AdSense? Well, my personal opinion is still with Blogger. Blogger just makes it much more easier to incorporate AdSense into the blog, and for you to profit from it. Now once you’ve set up your blog in the way that you want it to look, you will want to making blog posts.

The more blog posts that you can write, the better. And it’s important that you stick to the theme of your blog so that you can have relevant AdSense ads show up on your site. If you’re AdSense ads are relevant, you will improve the chances of having someone click on your ad – thereby earning you a commission.

The more of these clicks that you get, the more money you will make in your business. Now even though you may be making (on average) about 20 cents per click, it’s a good stepping stone, and it should be enough to motivate you to do more and better in your business. You have to start somewhere, why not start with 20 cents per click?

The more you market your blog and continue to make blog posts, the more traffic you will get, and the more sales that you will get also. It’s up to you to start making the effort to earn more money in your business using AdSense, and to finally put yourself on easy street when it comes to earning a lot more money in your business.

Good luck with using these tips to earn more money with AdSense on your blog today.

Source by Randall A Magwood

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