Ezine Article Submission Makes a Great Web Site Traffic Generator


In order to provide the most effective method of generating traffic to your website without costing you out of pocket, is submitting ezine articles. Search engines choose specific terms or keywords that are relevant to information your article pertains to. You want to provide your article submission to multiple directories on the internet. There are several hundred to post your article on. However, you do not want to submit the identical article to different directories because they will be eliminated from search engines as duplicates. In order to generate traffic to your site, you need multiple listings of your article submission on the web. This is accomplished by doing a spin on your article by changing it up a bit. There are programs available on the net to accomplish this. The best web site traffic generator is to have the search engines recommend your article to people who type relevant search terms. They make that decision and are called search engine optimization. Ezine article submission to article directories spreads links around the web and helps search engines to make that determination. Here are some tips on how to integrate ezine article submissions into search engine optimization.

This optimization is the main goal you want in order to have your ad at the top of the search engine page. You need specific keywords in the content of your ad to be relevant to get better results. Then create several back links which have your keywords in the anchor text. These links tell the search engine that your article submission is important and the anchor text tells them what keywords your pages become important for top placement to generate traffic to your website.

Here are some ideas for using ezine article submission as a web site traffic generator:

Do not use directories that limit your resource box stating NOFOLLOW or even plain text URL. These are a complete waste of time and will not get your page ranked. To get your article submission the greatest ranking, choose one main keyword and no more than two secondary keywords that are in the topic and throughout the ad. Try to use keywords that do not have high competition but have a good number of searches.

Make sure you change up your ad each time you submit to directories. You can even place your ezine article submission to the same directory many times but be sure to change it up! Use anchor keywords in the title and resource box. Use similar related keywords in the article as well as secondary keywords to get search engines to rank your page higher. Use low non competitive keywords throughout the article to get yours to the top. Have your article’s title state both a topic and a useful benefit. This will allow both points to optimize your article in the search engine rankings.

Ezine article submission costs you nothing, however it is extremely effective as a traffic web site generator. The key is in the keywords you use and the links to the pages you want your reader to see. These steps should give you some idea what you can do to promote your site through traffic from articles you are writing to build back links. These suggestions should help you use ezine article submission more effectively.

Source by Ben L Wilson

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