Hosting providers

One of the most important skill you must have is to know how to create a website. But even this is not necessarily an obstacle.

  1. you will need a hosting provider – and I am always using the hosting provider . You can choose the Bronze Package because is the cheapest , but offers the largest range of features compared with other hosting providers. I like this hosting provider because they are offering a “Free Trial” for a whole month, without any payment request.
  2. you buy the “domain name” with a special price of 7$ when you purchase the hosting plan
  3. you can install a wordpress site in the fastest way ( no more then 2 minutes ) using their build in “Application installer”
  4. you can choose the datacenter were the website will be hosted : in USA, UK, Australia, Finland

I will make a video tutorial for how you can install the wordpress website.

But, you are not limited at only one kind of website. You can install a whole range of other websites. Check here:

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