Instant email empire

This is a very good example of a SCAM.

I entered in this program called “Instant email empire” or ” CMES System” and I followed the steps for almost 3 months. I was convinced by the many emails I received from them ( they are using the Sendgrid service for email marketing )

I received around 2000 emails until I decided to test the service. Around 30 emails a day. It was a SCAM. I spent the 27USD buying the access and then every month I paid 37USD for maintaining the email marketing service.

The email was like the following:

Have you seen how much money you’ve made today with the Instant Email Biz System? 
If you sent your email today, you need to log into the system below andcheck the BIG RED COMMISSION BAR at the top of the page!
Please go here now and log in to your account
If you have not set up your system yet, it is extremely simple and takesless than 10 minutes! And you are Guaranteed to make AT LEAST $100in your first 24 hours!
Once set up, all you have to do each day is log into the Members Area,click on Step 4, choose one of the pre-written emails and click Send tosend the email from our system to the list that we already built for you!
It’s literally the easiest money you will ever make, and we desperatelyneed your help!
Not sure if you knew, but with the IEB System, you are Guaranteedto make money every single day!
If you have already set up your system, then make sure that you log ineach day and send your email to your list. If you have not yet activatedyour system, then please log in below and follow the instructions inStep 2 and you will be up and running in less than 10 minutes!
Go Here To Get Started For Free
Let me know if you have any questions. You are on my team, andI am here to help you.
Bobby JonesIEB System

Or this one:

Access approved , please proceed

Hey ….
I’ve been up all night waiting foryou to be approved for this…..
Click Here To Activate It*
I hope that you enjoy it!
This is very urgent and requires yourimmediate attention…

Or like this:

I TOLD you it was easy (Go check your commissions)

Hey Gabriel

I wanted to get in touch to let you know that we really want to
work with you so that you can start making money every day!Not sure if you knew, but with the CMES System, you are Guaranteedto make money every single day! In Fact, You’ll make your first $100 Today!

Go Here To Get Started NowCheck out the new training and see just how easy it is to makemoney every single day with the CMES System. Let me know if you have any questions.  You are on my team, andI am here to help you. 


Brian Jones

CMES Live System

But All was a SCAM.

How it was functionong?

You have to send emails every day with some predefined text.

You start with 500 subscribers ( the email of the subscribers was offered by them) and every 7 days you receive another 500 email with subscribers. So every week you increase the number of subscribers with 500 emails. You cannot see the emails.

The emails were sent every day at a moment I selected. For every click on a specific link from email you receive 0.2 USD, no matther if someone buy or not something.

At start you receive a commision of 100 USD just by entering in program, then , after every day, every click x 0.2 USD was put in the account.

So, you expect that at 500 emails sent for 7 days to have a commission, then after 7 days with another 500 subscribers, a total of 1000 subscribers, after another 7 days to have a bigger commission.

See in this graph below that I made it based on daily commisions how the account performed :


So, as you can see the biggest commission was in the first month when I had only 500 emails to send. On the other months even I grow the list with 500 emails weekly, the commissions didn’t grow accordingly.

I started on 13th Nov and decided to stop on 13th Jan. I spent total of 27 + 34+ 34 USD = 95 USD. The commissions in my account were 270 USD at the end of these 3 months. So, you can say Why I didn’t Cash the commission?

Initialy I read about the minimum sum for cash out was 1000 USD, but later I saw they increased at 3000 USD.

So , I WAS SCAMMED by this … BRIAN JONES or Bobby

Shame on me.


But I learned something from here. During my research, I discovered another service, similarly with this one, where you can create a free account and receive every week 500 emails for free. Of course, you don’t have to trust in all these emails, but using a service for validating emails you can use it for your own emailing list.

Want to know what is the service and how to take 500 emails weekly? Contact me!

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