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If you are looking for something very simple to help with your SEO efforts that won’t consume hours of your time you may want to check out the raw RSS power included in Web Traffic Genius.

RSS is probably the most underutilized tool with the most potential. There is so much you can do with RSS that can not only improve your organic rankings but even drive traffic direct from RSS submissions. I love RSS and all the functions available to literally create magic and increase traffic and search engine rankings. If you really want to understand the full raw power of RSS you should take a look at what I wrote about RSS Master Class. The strategies in RSS Master class are like nothing you have ever seen and it demonstrates the raw power of RSS.

If you don’t have time for a video class teaching you how to do some of the most powerful techniques available you can pick up a copy of Web Traffic Genius which is a tool to increase web traffic without having to do too much work. Everyone knows backlink building is necessary but also very time consuming. Web Traffic Genius takes some of the huge abilities of RSS and builds them into your blogs. You’ll learn how to do a lot of this yourself and more in RSS Master Class, but again, this tool is something that can get you started quickly with the automation of plug and play.

If you are really looking to turbocharge your efforts you need to learn the power of RSS or at least start using RSS in some capacity before your competitors in your niche take the lead. Find out how Web Traffic Genius can supercharge and boost your search engine optimization efforts and reduce your workload.

Source by Rick Porter

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